Write-In Chris Meadows for Greensboro Mayor

Greensboro deserves to be prosperous…..

Write-In Chris Meadows for Greensboro Mayor!

Greensboro deserves to be prosperous.  Greensboro deserves to be safe.  Greensboro deserves to have good stewards of our tax dollars.  Greensboro deserves a better Mayor.  In a non-partisan election, it’s important to elect the person that will put the interests of Greensboro before a partisan, political agenda.  You have a third choice for Mayor in the July elections for Greensboro City Council.  Your third option is to write in Chris Meadows.  

As a Greensboro native and life-long resident, I want to see Greensboro thrive and prosper.  We can and must do better for the people of Greensboro.

If you care about the future of Greensboro, the public safety crisis in our city, your growing property tax burden, the lack of business acumen among the current city council representatives, and the counter-productiveness of the policies coming out of city hall, then choose the third option.  

We must take steps to stop the far left’s takeover of Greensboro.  Over the last couple of years, we have had a record number of shootings, a record number of homicides, and record number of 9-1-1 calls going unanswered.  We are down about 130 police officers in the Greensboro Police Department, we are short about 100 patrol cars, and the current City Council ran off one of the best Police Chiefs Greensboro has had in many years.  The Greensboro City Council is anti-police and does not give them the tools to do their job and puts policies in place to restrain them from doing their jobs.  To have a prosperous city, we must have a safe city.

As the City Council tries to cover their disdain for the police and treats our police officers as second-class citizens, they’re raising our property taxes.  First through the recent property revaluations and second, the recent tax rate increase.  In addition to extracting more money from the hard-working people in Greensboro through higher taxes, they waste money on pushing their irrational liberal agenda.  This doesn’t sound like it’s very fiscally responsible, and our city budget is full of irresponsible spending.  

Greensboro’s municipal elections arenon-partisan and notorious for low voter turnout.  Let’s change that and put people in office that want to improve Greensboro.  The general election is July 26th, and early voting starts July 7th.  

Make Greensboro Prosperous.  Make Greensboro Safe.  Make Greensboro Fiscally Responsible.  Make Greensboro Business Friendly.  Make Your Voice Heard!

Get Out The Vote!!!  Write In Chris Meadows For Mayor!!!  

Crime & Safety, Taxes and Leadership…..

Crime and Safety: For a city to thrive and prosper, a city must be safe.  Greensboro is experiencing record levels of crime; from the number of shootings, the number of homicides and the level of drug crime.  This high crime level is not acceptable and should not be tolerated by the citizens or the elected officials. It’s detrimental to a city that aspires to be prosperous. 

Taxes:  The City Council recently approved the largest property tax increase in our city’s history.  Every homeowner and renter will see a large increase in the cost of living when the next property tax bill arrives in a few months.  Under the current Mayor and City Council, Greensboro residents will be paying higher taxes but not benefitting from additional services.  With the price of gas, high inflation and cost of everyday goods and services, Greensboro residents are suffering.

Leadership:  We need a better Mayor in Greensboro, one who has the ability to lead the City Council towards making Greensboro a better and safer place to live and do business.  Chris’ business experience, working with small companies and investors is critically needed in the Mayor’s office.  Greensboro does not want nor need a mayor that pushes a partisan, political agenda who underserves the people of Greensboro. In addition, Greensboro deserves a mayor who doesn’t have a conflict of interest with special interest groups and local non-profits, doing business with the city. 

Voting and Volunteering…..

Election Day is July 26. Early voting begins July 7. Volunteers welcome!! Want a yard sign or be a poll greeter? Contact Chris at writeinchrismeadows@gmail.com.

To Cast your Vote for Chris

Step 1: Fill in the oval on the “write-in” line

Step 2: Write out “Chris Meadows”

About Chris…..

Chris is a native of Greensboro, a life-long resident, and along with his wife have raised their two daughters here.  He obtained an Economics degree from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, and has been in the finance and investment industry for over 25 years.  He currently is in the alternative investment industry assisting small companies in raising capital for their businesses.  This long history of operating in the private sector will be a great asset to the current city council that lacks the business acumen to make Greensboro a prosperous city.  Chris is active in the community through Rotary and service projects.  This sense of community service coupled with the business experience is much needed in the position of Mayor,  both of which are currently lacking in local politics.  

Chris Meadows 4 Greensboro

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